“Recorded live in the stunning Baroque Hall in Timisoara, BLACK SALT features a series of originals & spontaneous improvisations and a tribute to the legendary Pharoah Sanders.This music is a reflection of the trust and connection that developed between us throughout the years. In many ways, the diversity of this work is a mirrored image of the friendship we share. Energy and Intensity and the quality of these two are what make ‘jazz’ music so powerful. It has less to do with loud or soft, fast or slow or even a particular style but more with the chemistry and inner drive that we share in the moment.

This is BLACK SALT” Abraham Burton & Lucian Ban, October 2020 Recorded Live June 5, 2018 at The Baroque Hall, Timisoara by Utu Pascu. Artwork & Design by Ivana Dukic.

Special thanks to Jazz Updates in Timisoara for creating the conditions for this music to happen.

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