The FrankieZ Experiment (NL/RO/TR/IT/USA)

26 noiembrie 2018 @ Zaza Fain Party

The FrankieZ Experiment it’s the first project of the drummer Frankie Ercsei, who lived in Cluj a couple of years and now is studying in PCC Groningen, Netherlands. They won this year the 1st prize of the International Jazz in the Park Competition 2018. This band is mostly about his own compositions, especially about the musical journey and development what he experimented in G-Town. So, they are trying to bring some fresh vibes directly from the NY scene together with his fellow students Tereza Catarov (RO) – voice, Erdoğan Cem Evin (TR) – guitar, Daniele Nasi (IT) – saxophone and Patrice Blanchard (USA) on bass – played as a sideman with Amy Whinehouse, Etta James, David Binney etc.